birthday crafties: beribboned journals

Paige turned 14 yesterday and I have been busy with her gifts.  I saw this idea somewhere in blogville, but can’t remember where!, but I really liked it.

Fancified notebooks/journals:


-notebooks – any size, mine are about 5X7 size
-lots of ribbon
-paper letters – you can cut them out, punch them out or buy pre made.  These are from an “alphabet punch out pack” I bought
-xyron sticker maker, OR glue

to make:
-Cut ribbons into approx. 5 inch strands.   If you want the ends to not fray, use a lighter and melt them a bit to seal them.
-Tie 2 to 3 on each spiral of the notebook
-If you have sticker maker, make your letters into stickers and stick them on, other wise just glue them on.
*et viola – you have achieved cuteness

I got everything at walmart (except the sticker maker which I already had)

Pair it with some fun pens, pencils or markers and you have a great gift!!


3 thoughts on “birthday crafties: beribboned journals

  1. katie

    crazy cute. and can it be true, 14??!! i can still remember getting ready for a school dance when i was told you were in labor. . . and i swear it wasn’t FOURTEEN years ago!

    love to paigey from us! (is it still OK to call her “paigey”?)


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