recipe calculator and 130 calorie bran muffins


I made some muffins yesterday, and as I am scarfing them down I started wondering just how many calories I’m consuming. I searched online and found this awesome recipe calculator. Plug in all your ingredients and amounts, and out comes all the nutrition facts!! EXCELLENT. Or maybe it isn’t such a great thing because sometimes ignorance is bliss, especially when it comes to baking!!

Here is the recipe:


I got this recipe from Grandma Porter.  I made it this time with no shortening, and doubled the butter, I have issues with shortening and avoid using it as much as possible.  They turned out soo good.  It makes 24, I can’t fathom why I wrote 25…

p.s.  the recipe box in the picture is exactly like my mom’s old box, that I love and hope to inherit, someday – not anytime soon though!!  -love you Mom!


2 thoughts on “recipe calculator and 130 calorie bran muffins

  1. katie

    i have this recipe but have never made them . i seem to always have trouble finding the two different bran cereals. and then there’s the fact that i would be eating all of them by myself and something tells me i can do without the extra 3120 calories. . . and the idea of you having that recipe box seems just right.

  2. Bobby

    I love that old recipe can thing! I remember intently looking at all the designs on it when mom had it down to make something. awesome.


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