missing: my brain

I thought that once I had my little baby that my brain function would return…hmmm…. not happening.  I am attributing this to lack of sleep. (she still eats every 2-3 hours, round the clock.)  I hope that is all it is, and not a new permanent state of being.   So when I saw this nursing bracelet idea I was thrilled, because it will help take up some of the slack left by my missing brain.  The problem was I could NEVER remember what time I fed Molly last, and two hours goes by fast, and I was always trying to figure out if she was fussing cause she was hungry or just tired.  The bracelet has a little move-able charm that you set to the time you last fed the baby.  Each bead represents 15 minutes.  You also put it on the wrist of the side that you need to start feeding on next time – another thing I could never remember.


I made mine using glass beads, plastic number beads and memory wire.  I made the charm using a lobster clasp, small jump ring and a heart charm.  I bought everything but the number beads at Walmart. ( I bought the number beads online, the nearest craft stores are half an hour away, and I wasn’t heading down there anytime soon…)  To make your own, first bend the end of the wire into a loop and start stringing the beads:  start with the number 1, string three beads, add number 2 and so on until you get to 12.  After 12 you add four beads and end the bracelet with another loop.   Attatch your charm and you are set.


I made it on Saturday, and I am loving it so far.  I want to find some silver number beads to make one with, cause I will be wearing this all the time now….


3 thoughts on “missing: my brain

  1. Jason Acosta

    Holy cow, I love this idea! I have a friend who LOVES to bead and I showed her this entry so she can make some (she’s going to make one for herself, but will only help me make mine). I need one too! We didn’t have much luck with the whole breastfeeding thing, but I would forget when the last time was that I had given Jack a bottle more times than I care to think about, so mine will have manly beads on it. Theres a manly beads section at the craft store, right? Heather will probably want one, too….

  2. Mom

    Brilliant idea… it certainly would have made all my breastfeeding years easier! But what a great baby shower gift … (private tutoring requested, please!) Thanks! Love ya. 🙂

  3. Mary McEuen Darnell

    Also thought my brain would come back once I had the baby…not happening!! Genius idea–I can never remember when I last fed Madelyn OR which side to start on. And beading is one of my favorite things right now, so this is a fun idea. Seriously…genius.


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