flubber / gak

This stuff goes by many names, I have heard it called, goo, goop, flarp and flubber, and my recipe book calls it gooey gunk.  What ever the name, it is really entertaining and fun to play with!


Paige and Chloe made the stuff, neon green in honor of St Patrick’s Day.

dsc06830 dsc06851

Shape it and watch it “melt”, roll it out, squish it in a cup for those oh so funny tooting noises (Chloe’s favorite lately – oy!)  Give it a try:

flubber goo

solution A
1 cup water
1 cup white glue
7-10 drops of food coloring (we used neon green)
solution B
1 1/3 cups warm water
4 tsp Borax laundry booster

1. Mix ingredients in solution A together in a medium bowl.
2. In a second medium bowl, mix the ingredients in solution B together until the borax is completely dissolved.
3. Slowly pour solution A into solution B. (DO NOT MIX!)
4. Roll solution A around in solution B 4-5 times.
5. Lift solution A out of solution B and knead for 2-3 minutes.
Store gunk in and airtight container or ziplock bag.

I got this recipe out of this awesome book I got from PBS years ago, called “The All Time Greatest Book of Kid Concotions”  The closest out there (that I have found) is  “The Ultimate Book of Kid Concotions”   I guess there is a series of them you can buy, but mine has all 240 “concoctions” all in one! – yay for supporting public broadcasting!   My kids love to do “experiments” all the time out of this book, I reccommend it!


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