busy hands


I enjoy embroidery, and every 6 months I have a set appointment work on it!  It is my general conference project.  I find that if I have busy hands my mind is free to listen much better.  But I really need to spend a little extra time on it, because I have started four and finished one.  I usually like to embroider kitchen towels – the flour sack variety are my favorite – because I like them to be useful, and seen.

This year Chloe wanted to do one, she is always up for a project, so I got a great idea.  I LOVE the stage of drawing she is at, advanced stick people, so I thought I would capture it.  I grabbed my “mark be gone” pen and layed out a towel and asked her to draw our family.

dsc06949 dsc06950 dsc06953

In case you are wondering – Molly in in her crib in the picture.  I told her to write the names as best as she could, and she did great, the only ones not quite right are Paige: Prg, and Dillon: Dlin.  I also love the way she writes phonetically.

I have started Chloe’s person already, and I am going to have to get this done, because the purple is disappearing ink, oops. (I could just go over it in the blue, but I think the time deadline might be good for me!)  Chloe wanted to do some of the stitching so I drew a heart in the corner, taught her the basic back stitch and she did it all by herself!!  I only had to re-thread the needle a few hundred times…


FYI:  I got the flour sack towels at Kmart – they are the nice Martha Stewart kind, and I used a double sided Dritz Mark-B-Gone / Disappearing Ink pen.  (hence the problem with her drawing being half in the purple disappearing ink. -you really only need the mark-b-gone…)


3 thoughts on “busy hands

  1. katie

    she did it by herself?! what a champion. i barely learned how to do the backstitch myself!

    i love different ways of preserving memories and stages like this. although i imagine you are better than i am at keeping your towels stain free- mine are always covered in spots. or holes because i over-bleach. . .

    (i LOVE molly in her crib!)


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