what’s up

It is spring break this week and Paige and Dillon are at their Dad’s for the week, and today are heading down to Winnemucca for some ATV fun (luckies!)  So this week it’s just Mom and Dad and the little girls.

Here are a couple of snippets of our conversations with Chloe from the last couple of days:

*On Sunday we asked her if she knows what the name of our church is and she said “the Church of Jesus Christ of the Untied States”    …. So we had a teaching moment 🙂


*Chloe was sitting on Scott’s desk goofing around while he was on the computer and he told her that “my desk is not a jungle-gym” to which she replied “but I’m not jungle-ing”

Silly Girl


Molly is practicing her new talent:


she has discovered what we all know already: baby toes are tasty!


I absolutely love watching her learn.  She has discovered that her hands are useful and has become very grabby, it is SO fun.  She also swats and flails her arms when happy and playing and I think it is the cutest thing in the world.- well that and her thighs…

All this and lots and lots of crafties this week, I fear that I shall never have my desk cleaned off, there are just to many projects I am working on!!


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