it’s all about the birds part 2: Bird-feeders!!


This project has been in various stages of completion for about a month or so… things take so long when you have a baby…  But I finally got some of them done. These are Chloe’s.  I am planning on doing some with decoupage.


I have to explain the face on this one,  the day she was painting this it actually snowed here, (and this was just a couple of weeks ago), so she painted a snowman’s face on it!


I read lots of tutorials around the net, and gleaned all the best tips.  Here they are:

How to make awesome bird-feeders:

Collect cartons, any size is good.  (I had half gallon, pint, and the little school milk size.) Thoroughly rinse them out and let them dry.

Glue the opening back closed.  You can staple it closed, but the gluing gets it back to its original shape better.  Use a clothes pin or chip bag holder to hold it closed and let it dry.  I just used craft glue for this, hot glue would be faster, but you have to punch through it later, so be aware.

Paint them white.  I actually spray painted them with a glossy white.  It took about three coats to cover the carton. And I used a whole can on about 6 cartons, and it probably could have used one more coat.  I am thinking that white acrylic craft paint would maybe have done the job better, if not the same…

Punch two holes in the top of the carton for hanging it up.  Now this was a challenge, because I tried it with my standard hole punch.  That worked on the small ones, but it was tough to do.  I got a few holes done in the large cartons, but it was HARD, and Scott had to do some for me also.  But there were some that just wouldn’t punch, I think it was because of the extra layer of glue!  So we pulled out the drill and drilled the rest of the holes.  They of course weren’t as pretty as the hole punched ones, but it got the job done.  (Here is where a fancy tool like the Crop-a-dile would be fantastic.  I really want one, and someday I will get one…)

Drill or poke drainage holes in the bottom.  Just make sure they are big enough to drain water, but small enough to not leak birdseed.  I used the drill with a small bit in it for some, and others I had used a large embroidery needle.

Cut the openings.  Use an Exact-o knife or a utility cutter, or kitchen knife if you don’t have anything else.  Cut the opening  about  one and a half to two  inches from the bottom.  You can cut on just one side, or both as we did.  You can cut any size, as long as it is big enough for a bird to get into…

You are ready to decorate!  Here is were you get to be creative.  I let Chloe paint hers with acrylic craft paints, and she had a ball.  I plan on decoupaging mine with some flower cut outs.

Insert the perch.   Take a wooden skewer (you know, the kind for kebabs?) and poke it through your house under the opening.  Slide it through until it has about two inches left sticking out.  Now grab your garden shears and cut the other side (the side with the point) off to the same length.

Attach your hanging ribbon.  We tied on some extra ribbon for extra fanciness too.

Fill with birdseed and hang it up!!  Make sure to check it often, once the birds find it, it could empty quickly.

Now go birdwatching!



One thought on “it’s all about the birds part 2: Bird-feeders!!

  1. katie

    really great! if i weren’t scared of rats somehow getting to them, i’d make some to put out in our courtyard. . . the girls would LOVE making them! also – ruthie is very very impressed with the rainbow feeder!


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