I can’t find my camera AGAIN

I think it is the thing I lose most often – more than my keys, purse & cell phone combined.  I actually don’t lose those things very often.  But my camera… ugg- it goes AWOL all the time!!   I have a couple of posts that are waiting for me to take pictures!

So for your entertainment, or mostly mine probably, here is a picture of some face painting I did on Chloe a couple of weeks ago.  I really like her big eyes!


I hope you are enjoying your Spring, ours is CRAZY,  freezing a week ago and mid nineties the last couple of days!  By this weekend we should be enjoying some nice seventies though – thank goodness!  I have been itching to plant something!


One thought on “I can’t find my camera AGAIN

  1. Lauren

    I lose my camera much more frequently than any other item, I’m starting to wonder if the people around here are tired of their pictures being taken?


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