My kids collected these tadpoles or pollywogs, as I prefer to call them.

I remember doing this as a kid.  Ahhh those were the carefree days of my youth, long gone..  sigh…

Now my kids are living the life.  Paige, Dillon and Chloe collected them the other night and brought them home.  And while the world has changed so much since I was a child, it is nice to see that some things stay the same…

Their new temporary home until they finish “frogifying” is a super cool bucket in our front yard!  Lucky tadpoles!  Chloe is loving them.  They had caught one frog too, but it got away as soon as we got home, and she was sad.  Of course I explained how soon she would have TONS of frogs!   They are starting to grow their back legs and I really like that Chloe gets to learn all about them.  Science is fun!!   There a couple of cute books at the library I am going to get to help learn about tadpoles:

tadpole-book tadpoles2

side note:  I am super uptight about washing hands after playing with the pollywog bucket though, so Chloe comes in with her hands up (doctor fashion) and informes me that she touched the pollywog water and is on her way to wash…  hmmm, I hope I am not raising a germophobe, though I am a bit of one myself.


4 thoughts on “Pollywogs

  1. Megan

    This reminds me of a lot of carefree childhood things. I’m glad some of them are still around!

    (germophobe or not.. I think I’d teach my kids to come hands up ready for a wash after touching pollywog water!!)

  2. Anna & Geoff

    (I’m Megan’s sister-in-law, in case you forgot.)

    I’m glad you let your kids have fun and collect them. I haven’t touched or caught one in years. I think my mom threatening that pollywogs could put warts on your hands helped with that one.

  3. katie

    tadpoles! oh, this makes me sad for my kids. their childhood is nothing like the one i knew and loved… then again, they don’t have to worry about the threat of “old man purser” seeing them on his property and shooting at them as they collect as many pollywogs as they can get their hands on…

  4. Patsy

    I came across your blog as I was looking for directions on raising my pollywogs!! I still have the eggs though and just a couple hatched pollywogs. I was given a nest of eggs from my grandson Jackson so I have a lot of polywogs to be. I’m raising them in a 10 gallon aquarium with a rock, plants and a pump and bubbles for oxygen. I just wanted to say I am thrilled to see there are kids that still enjoy watching the metamorpsis of a frog. I also read that the pollywogs like to be delivered as frogs back to the pond they were taken from. Good luck!!


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