what’s up in my browser today

Are you like me? – as you browse around the net, you end up with lots of windows /tabs open to sites that show or sell something you want, or a project you want to do?  I usually have at least 2 or 3 at a time, and sometimes a whole lot more!  So right now the windows I have open are these:


Craftzine: how to patch jeans, in a cool way.  My kids have way to many holey jeans right now, especially Dillon and I really like this patching method!


I am in need of a wipes and diapers holder for my diaper bag.  I don’t like how the diapers get all smashed and are floating around everywhere in there.  I found a great diaper case tutorial  by Jan Andrea and I am going to make one this week!

I  saw these stamped washer necklace tutorial on Sugardoodle, and I really want to do them:


but I think I might do them more like this:


So I looked up everything I would need:

steel stamps

So there is a peek into my current project wish list, we’ll see how much I actually do!



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