oh my…

This is so gross, I must try it!!  I saw it here on plumpudding.  I don’t know that I will be eating it, but a couple of my yahoos will love it I’m sure!


Well, I cut my hair today…and NO ONE said a word!  granted, my husband hasn’t seen it, and he will comment for sure, but I’m thinking,  “what the heck?, is it just so horrible, no one wants to say anything?”  I think it is a pretty obvious change, I cut quite a bit off the back.  It’s an A-line bob now.

Well I like it…


Isn’t May a crazy busy month?  It is my kids last month of school, and Paige is graduating 8th grade this year, so we have all those festivities on top of the usual!  I love May though, it is my month…my b-day and mothers day!, What’s not to love?  For my b-day I want to go to Maker Faire real bad, but I just don’t know that it will happen this year… we’ll see.



4 thoughts on “oh my…

  1. Megan

    I like your hair Jeanie! Is it easier to do now too? I think that is like a double bonus when it is really cute and easy to do. I chopped mine too- but still not sure about short hair on me, but too late now- so I get to like it!

    I think may is a perfect month– Spring time, birthdays.. Love it!

  2. katie

    i’ve had that image in my head for over a week now… could i ever bring myself to doing it??

    the first time i saw it i thought it was a necklace! which, strangely, made me really love it.

  3. Mom

    I love your haircut.. but the hotdog thing… ugh… just a little to wierd. That Molly is such a cuteeeeeee!


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