an organized life

I am making an effort to be a more effective/organized Mom.  Lately I have been realizing that I need to put more effort into my job as a Mom.  Not that I don’t do Tons, I mean what Mom doesn’t right?, but things around here could definitely run smoother, because when things are running smooth and getting done, I am a much happier person, and as we all know, that translates to everyone being happier!  And a little organization goes a long way.

This change came about when we had a couple talks in church about being a “Mother who Knows” The talks were taken from a talk given by Julie B Beck, and it really made an impression on me.  I printed it out and have read over it a bunch.  It inspired me to make some changes, especially in the nurturing/homemaking department.  It made me realize again how important what I do is, and I need to do it well.

So what I decided to do was to divide up my days to certain tasks.  Here is my new organized life:

Monday– Scott is off so Monday is reserved for what ever he wants to do, errands, or projects around the house, or something fun…

Tuesday– This is my clean the house day. Laundry, bathrooms, floors, dusting etc…

Wednesday – Craft/project day!  I set aside a specific day so that some of my projects actually get done!  Sewing, Crafts, Gardening, Home Improvement, etc… I am loving this. On Weds I also plan out the menu for the next week and write out shopping lists.

Thursday – Is payday, so it is errand/shopping day.

Friday– This is baking day.  I am trying out more whole grain baking, and I just love to bake anyway…

Saturday – Free day really, to catch up on anything, clean a bit more, or just play.  When the big kids are here we usually spend the morning getting the house back into shape, and do something fun in the afternoon.

Sunday– Day of rest? But unfortunately it usually is my most stressed out day, just getting every one ready in time for church is always a trial it seems, but I am working on it!  Scott has also made this journal writing day.  We all sit down and write for a bit.

So there it is.  My new improved life.  I am not completely rigid with it either, because with kids, let alone a baby,  you have to be flexible!  I still need to add in exercise and study, but baby steps right?


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