the garden

It is in!!


I can take no credit for it this year though, it was all Scott.  Molly and I hung out inside yesterday while Scott toiled in the 95 degree sunshine to get it all set up and going. Isn’t he AWESOME!


This year he put up a dear fence, and lined the boxes with wire also.  Hopefully that keeps everything out!!


We are simplifying this year too,  tomatoes, zucchini, crookneck, watermelon, and pumpkin…

Good Work Honey

Next goal for the garden is to make a compost box, and I am going to plant herbs (maybe in a bathtub….)


3 thoughts on “the garden

  1. Megan

    your garden already looks better than ours and you just barely put it in!

    Let me know how the compost goes, I’m really thinking about starting that, although I don’t know if our yard is big enough to have it far enough away from our house to not smell it!

  2. Mom

    Hooray for deer fencing… it is a garden’s saviour! Way to go Scott! Bring me a zucchini or crookneck when you come up! 🙂


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