happy happy birthday to me, to me

My family is so awesome.  Last night we had the cake and candles – cause the older kids won’t be here this afternoon.DSC07333

They then surprised me with an attack of silly string – they chased me up and down the driveway, and left hearts on my car.


This morning I was surprised with cards, a ballon, a big cookie and a present.


Chloe got to the cookie before I got this shot… poor cookie man…


So my big present was …


A NEW CAMERA!!  WOO-HOO!  It is a Nikon D40 and I loooove it.  (that was said with a sing-songy voice)   My husband is so awesome.  I can’t wait to learn how to use other settings than auto!

So, so far this birthday is SO good.  Happy happy birthday to me, to me….


3 thoughts on “happy happy birthday to me, to me

  1. Megan

    Happy Happy Birthday!! You’re camera is awesome and I can’t wait to see the photos you take with it!


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