taming the beasts

I am glad summer vacation is here for many reasons like not having a school schedule and not having daily homework.  But what I love is that my house gets clean!  OK, yes we also get to do more as a family and  have lots of fun too.  But during the summer I get to put my kids to work.  During the school year it seems to me that they only have time for the basics, eat sleep, school, homework, and then Mutual and Scout activities on Tuesdays.  Forget about piling on chores too, they need some time to be kids and relax during the week.   So during the school year Saturday is their chore day, and until then it is only my futile efforts keeping the house from being declared a disaster zone.

But not during the summer!!  During the summer our chore charts are in full swing.  Each day the kids have chores to do:   they have their daily normal stuff, cleaning their rooms, brushing their teeth,  reading (for the younger two, Paige isn’t allowed to read until she gets her work done!), etc…  Then each day I fill in chores.  They rotate kitchen duties, bathroom, living room, laundry, and pretty much anything that needs done that has been sorely neglected like wiping down cabinets, baseboards, the top of the fridge etc…  It really doesn’t take them too long once we get everything ship shape, because it is just a matter of staying on top of it.  (We have to tame the beast on Mondays, and it usually stays good all week)

Here are their chore charts:  (I laminated them and stuck them to the fridge and we use a dry erase marker on them)

Pg chore chart 09

Dls chore chart 09

chloes chore chart 09

I also started a new thing this year; I was getting so tired of the little beasties bickering and nastiness and then turning around and asking to do something fun.  UGG.   So I started a Behavior Chart.  This chart is awesome, and for the two days that I have been using it is working great!  Here is the chart:behavior chart

The idea is this:  I print a chart for each kid every week, then each day they are given points for their positive behaviors, and they lose points for their negative behaviors.  The first column lists the points possible for each behavior.  I grade them each night when I say goodnight and they get a letter grade for that day.  The grading scale for some reason didn’t save, but I had it across the bottom of the page, it is:   11 to 15 =A,   6 to 10 =B,   0 to 5=C   anything under 0 = FAILING.   They must maintain A’s and B’s if they want to participate in fun activities.  They get too many C’s, they start losing activities, and failing grades will result in restriction.  Yesterday they all got A’s!! woo-h00.  I mean it is cut an dry!, if we are doing something fun, like going to the Aquatic Center, park, having a friend over or just watching a movie –  we look at the chart and see if they have been good enough to participate.  It puts the responsibility directly on them.  I hope it keeps up because so many times in the past, I have had all sorts of great ideas and fun things planned, and just never did them because the kids behavior wasn’t deserving.   So wish me luck people, and here is to taming the beasts and having a great summer!!



2 thoughts on “taming the beasts

  1. Marissa

    hmmm maybe I should pop out some babies for their cleaning powers, i already plan to use them for mowing and massaging, you’re charts are great!


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