I love you Dad

fathers day 09

fathers day 09_0001

fathers day 09_0002

fathers day 09_0003



fathers day 09_0004

fathers day 09_0005

fathers day 09_0006

fathers day 09_0007

fathers day 09_0008

I hope you look back on my childhood with as much fondness as I do.  I know being a parent is not easy, and I am so grateful to you for always being there for me through it all.

I love you Dad.


2 thoughts on “I love you Dad

  1. Mom

    So sweet! How quickly, but wonderfully, your life has gone by. Most of these pic’s are so touching and brought back such tender memories, they brought tears to my eyes. It was (and is) an honor to be your parent. Love always!

  2. katie

    me thinks someone has pictures that should be in the “family” album..

    i agree, jean, our childhood was pretty sweet. and dad’s pretty awesome.

    also, do you still have that choir dress? i’d love to borrow it sometime.. ha!


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