fathers day for my honey


Scott took these balloons and tied them around the garden fence to keep birds away!!  Clever.

Here is a closeup of the candy boquet:


We had delicious french toast for breakfast:  (I had mine with fresh from the farm blueberries)


One of his presents was a photobook from shutterfly.com


It is really cool – you can see it here

I made him a really fun card this year.  It is a “scratcher” card.   I got the tutorial from Design Dazzle, and changed it up a bit to look more like a lotto scratcher.

fathers day card_0001

Here is what it said under the silver paint:

fathers day card

It was a bit of work to actually scratch off the silver, but Scott enjoyed it.

After church we had his favorite dinner: Italian Chicken and Cherry Cheesecake for dessert!  We then went down the road from our house to an old cemetery for our first Geocaching experience, it was so fun, and all in all I think Scott had a great Father’s Day!


2 thoughts on “fathers day for my honey

  1. jeanielangdon Post author

    Thanks Honey, it was the best fathers day ever!! You are the best,we have to do some more geocaching.


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