go Dolphins!

Chloe is on the Dry Diggins Dolphins swim team this year.


(so is her cousin Abby)

She started out in the juniors class, because she couldn’t swim accross the pool without stopping yet – which is the requirement to be on the competing part of the team.  Actually she was basically a non swimmer when she started in May.  I figured that she would just be in Junior Dolpins all this year and maybe next year get to the point where she could swim the 25 yards required.


Well surprise to me – seemingly overnight practically it all came together for her and she swam the 25 yards half way through June!  WOW, I was so amazed and proud to watch my little girl swimming accross the pool unaided, and not even looking like it was hard!  I guess the coordinating of the side breathing, kicking and arms all came together and she took off!  So a week ago she moved up to the regular 6 and under class, and last Saturday she competed in her first swim meet!  WOO HOO!


(hey I just noticed that she is standing by the 6 1/2 marker and she is 6 1/2 years old! – fun)

She was SO nervous.  But for the little kids they will let a coach swim along side if necessary, and that was all the support she needed, and she did it!  She competed in 3 races.  A freestyle relay, a freestyle race and a backstroke race, she only needed the coach in the water for the freestyle, she loves the backstroke.  And guess what? – she came in FIRST place for the backstroke!!!   She got fourth place in the other two races too!!  So amazing.


It really threw her out of her comfort zone moving up to the competitive class, but she did it!  I think she had fun at the meet.  I enjoyed it too.  And it gave me a chance to pull out my face paint and tatoo everyone with the dry diggins dolphins logo!!  GO CHLOE!!!   Needless to say Scott is one proud Daddy too. 🙂


5 thoughts on “go Dolphins!

  1. Grandma Porter

    I finally found the blog addresses again I have missed so much. These darling children have grown sooooo much! You all look wonderful and we miss you so. You are amazing, with talents galore!
    We even got a peek at Mike and Deb’s house…which we haven’t seen since they moved in. Love you, Grandma and Grandpa


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