Yes I am still here!  After spending two weeks in Oregon, we came home and prepared for the kids going back to school.  All three started last week.  I now have three kids in three different schools, OY.  Paige started high school (9th grade), Dillon is in 7th and Chloe is now a big 1st grader.   This is the first year that I can remember actually wishing summer vacation was a little bit longer, I am usually SOOO ready for the kids to get back to school and to have a normal schedule again.  This year I could  used a couple more weeks…

Along with the start of school there have been orientations, back to school nights, soccer practices, church activities and stuff and more stuff.  And not to mention that my washer started leaking, so after 12 years of good service, we bid it adieu and bought a new set.  YAY – front loaders, and I love them.  Now I can keep up with the laundry.  I have created a new problem though, where in the heck will all these clean clothes go?  Time to clean out the closets, as if there weren’t enough to do.  But that is not all, Scott and I are fixing up the bathroom; new mirror, faucet, hand towel holder and TP holder, and painting the cabinet.  Today I am being Mrs. Handy-woman and installing the faucet.   So far so good.  (I am waiting for the silicone to dry right now, so I thought I would take this opportunity to update this here blog.)  If Molly allows I will finish the second coat of paint and hang the cabinet doors back on, and put on the new hardware too!

Basically what I am saying is, WOW, how come there is always SO much to do?  The other day I had to consciously make an effort to sit and read a magazine without feeling guilty that something wasn’t getting done…  With four kids, it is easy to get soo busy that I don’t do anything for myself!  So here is my message for you, take 20 minutes (at least) today and do something for YOU!  Do it!!

As for me I think I will read…


2 thoughts on “helloooo

  1. Mom

    What a handywoman!!! Wahoo!!! Your Dad’s proud of you. 3 schools – ugh… that just means LOADS of running around. But I’m happy for you on the new front loader! (No excuses now… dang it.) 🙂
    We just got back from Medford with 340 lbs of peaches…. if you don’t have anything else to do you can come help me make peach cobbler, peach jam, peach pie, can peaches until I use up all my jars… OK, now I’m tired just thinking about what is in store for me tomorrow… oh and add 3 boxes of pears to that.
    Help… save me! Love ya !!!!!


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