butterfly garland


I had fun making this tissue paper butterfly garland this last week.  I found the idea here.

All you need is :


pipe cleaners
construction paper
and of course lots of colorful tissue paper:


I got this bunch at Costco a few years ago and it has been AWESOME!


Fold the construction paper in half and cut out a butterfly shape.  I had to draw mine first, and I did two different shapes.  If you are interested in using my shapes, leave a comment and I will make a pdf of them… ( oops – sorry!  I’ts been so long I don’t have the shapes any more! I originally just freehand cut it out, you don’t have to be perfect, just real basic, you can do it! – I have every confidence in you!!)

Take a stack of tissue paper that you want to use and fold it in half, and put it in the butterfly template, taco style -so everything is folded in half.   Now cut out the butterflies.  You can seriously cut a large amount of these at once.


Now using the pliers cut the pipe cleaners in half


stack up three pieces of tissue – I used three different colors for each one, just do what you like.  Take a pipe cleaner and bend it in half.


Take the tissue papers and scrunch them up in the middle, then slide the pipe cleaner over the tissue, and twist the ends to make the antennae.


now separate and “fluff” out the wings


Now make more, lots, lots more…



to attach them to the string, simply twist the antennae a time or two more around the string.


EASY PEASY!  Now hang them up and enjoy.  I hung mine in Chloe’s room,  but Paige now wants some too…




13 thoughts on “butterfly garland

  1. Gwennette Mc Master

    I have been on my computer since this afternoon searching for paper lanterns and butterfly garlands to decorate for an upcoming family reunion. I saw tons and then I saw your tissue butterfly garland – FANTASTIC. The colors chosen are beautiful . I am going to forget about the paper lanterns and make tissue paper butterfly garlands – Thank you for sharing this, your colors and style is much preferred to those on the site of the original idea. I love this idea very much- The butterfly is our family logo ( Celebration of Life) and I see myself having fun doing this project.
    Now I am going to try making the butterfly shape however, if yours are still available – Gwenn from Tortola, British Virgin Islands is interested.

  2. Jj T.

    What an awesome idea! It’s so cute… I’m trying to make this for my daughter’s first birthday, pls email me the template of the butterfly shape you used. What size is it? Thanks a lot!!!

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