in the kitchen

Accomplishment: a special skill or ability acquired by training or practice
🙂 It was my first solo canning experience. I have lots of memories of helping my mom can peaches when I was young, and her advice was invaluable in doing it on my own- thanks Mom!

I found a water-bath canner at the thrift store for $3.50, that’s right $3.50!!  I got great deals on peaches and pears up the road at apple hill, and went to work! I ended up with 21 quarts of pears, and 28 quarts of peaches. It is so satisfying to be adding to my food storage like this.  Next I am going to do spaghetti sauce, then applesauce.  And I am formulating plans for canning from next year’s garden too – pickled green beans, diced tomatoes…


2 thoughts on “in the kitchen

  1. Jeni

    Good job at your peaches and pears! I’ll have to send you over some of my favorite canning recipes. Canning is one of my passions…it truly is satisfying. And a little therapuetic too, I think. We’re getting ready to freeze the rest of the corn from our garden tonight. Gotta love fall.

  2. Mom

    Way to go girl! For doing your first solo act, that was incredible! 49 quarts… amazing. Can’t wait to come see them looking beautiful on your shelves… isn’t it the best feeling, just to look at them? 🙂 love ya


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