the bathroom is finished!

before: (note- these are not the best “before pictures, but you get the idea – at this point we had already taken down the mirror/cabinet, it was old and looked it.  Also notice the crazy pink/orange shower curtain, I had pink and orange rugs to match… what was I thinking?)





Yay, I love it.  I got the fabric for the shower curtain at Ikea – after two trips, for some unknown reason I didn’t buy enough the first time…

It is such a great feeling to finish a task!

Now all I need is a new toilet.  I had a dream the other night that I went into the bathroom and the toilet was all taken apart and I was scrambling to try to put it back together and wondering if I could just go get a new one, and if I could install it by myself… 🙂


3 thoughts on “the bathroom is finished!

  1. katie

    this looks so great, jean! you’re smarter than i am.. i would have been sure we had to replace the entire counter/sink/cupboards thing so would have wasted a bunch of money.. with the new paint and faucet it looks brand new! the new curtain and color theme look awesome too. i need to pay more attention to the fabric section at ikea..

  2. Mom

    I love your “new” bathroom! Especially the spa bench you painted black… very classy and perfect for that space. Great job. I should turn you loose on my back bathroom! love ya


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