aack, we have bats under our house! hee hee


don’t these look good?  I taught the young women how to make gourmet caramel apples last week, so easy and delicious!!!


4 thoughts on “halloween-nini

  1. Sarah

    hey Jean, I saw your picture, I think I can help…the bats look like they are coming from underneath the house. Have dad take a look while he’s there.

  2. Sarah

    It’s really a burden being this funny. I can’t wait to see you, we are very excited, so don’t let mom con you into staying at her house. Only WE have front row seats for the tsunami.

  3. Mary McEuen Darnell

    You can’t post a pic and talk about making gourmet caramel apples without also posting instructions for how to make them! They look de-LISH!…and I think we may just need some at my house! Hope all is going well for you! It’s fun to see the happenings of your sweet family! Say hello to your wonderful parents for me!


  4. Angela

    I agree with Mary…I would really love to know how to make these. I purchased those caramel kits from the grocery store but couldnt get them to work out.



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