busy bees

The past weeks have flown by.  Here is some of what we were up to:


A week in Oregon, staying in my sister and brother in law’s ocean front home – fantastic!!


Back just in time for Halloween:


Dill was a mad scientist, Chloe a ghost



Daddy’s little kitty




And a big event- Molly turned ONE!! (sad day for mom, my baby is growing too fast)


this is her awesome “cheeser” face, I love it


Her cake was banana with awesome cream cheese frosting,  decorated with chocolate butterflies.  It was really good



She sat in her high chair with a big slice in front of her, and I was waiting for the grand mess to ensue, but she only took a few pieces and made no mess!!  Unfortunately she wasn’t feeling quite normal, the next day she came down with croup!  That whole night she was REAL low-key, but at least she wasn’t miserable on her birthday, only for the next 7 days!…



3 thoughts on “busy bees

  1. Jeni

    That cake is downright amazing! How about heading to Utah to give your dear cousin some lessons? 🙂 Such sweet pictures.

  2. Mom

    What a great cake… with matching cupcakes, even! Wow… Happy Birthday to an amazingly cuter-than-cute little Molly. So sorry she’s not feeling so good, and for how little sleep you are getting!
    Loved your great Oregon pictures, and the kids costumes were great. Molly looks so composed on her Dad’s shoulders, hanging onto her trick or treat bag. toooo fun!


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