ho ho ho, we got a lot of snow

hee hee.  couldn’t resist the corny rhyme.

In what seemed like no time we went from this:

to this:

We usually don’t get 13 inches of snow here, so it was a treat!  The schools were closed for three days, and we were some of the lucky few to actually have power most of the time, so we were able to stay warm at home and enjoy it!  The only bad part was when we lost one of many branches, and it fell on our car taking out the phone lines.  I didn’t miss the actual phone, cause anyone who really needed to talk to me could call my cell, but I did miss the internet, but when I went and unburied the car to drive Chloe to school I discovered that the branch had shattered our windshield!  Ug- what a bummer.

Other fun news: Chloe lost her other front tooth finally:

So stinking cute!

We put up the tree:

and apparantly the ornaments pass the taste test

hee hee

I am about 90% ready for Christmas, so for the next two weeks I will be wrapping, baking and crafting, singing and generally making merry.  I am excited and looking forward to it all!  I hope you are enjoying the season as well – Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “ho ho ho, we got a lot of snow

  1. tulip1810


    I loved your blog! So true is this, it’s life! Darn that tree for breaking your window! At least your precious cargo wasn’t in the vehicle and none of you got hurt! And to boot you got to stay warm! I love the pictures of the girls, they are beautiful! It looks as though they will have a great Christmas, thanks to a hard working mom! Beings I am a mom, my boys are grown, but memories are to be made for you! So Enjoy!
    Have a Merry Christmas!


  2. Megan

    I hope you have a very merry christmas! We miss you guys! Thanks for the caramel making tips. when all else fails, one of you porter girls will always have an expert opinion on it. Boy I married into a great family. I got bobby, plus all his sisters to boot. I’m not a bit sad about that. Love ya!


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