what to do, what to do…

I am having a blog identity crisis.  What do I want my blog to be?  What do I want to put in my blog?  My primary reason for blogging is to journal my life, so what do I want to include? – what would I like to look back on and read about?  hmmmm …   I have plenty of ideas of things to blog about, but also finding the time to do so is quite a challenge, or am I overthinking it?  Maybe I just need to blog more often, with posts that maybe aren’t so time consuming?

At any rate, have patience while I figure it out, because those few of you that read this are most likely my family and therefore must love me for me anyway, and you are required to have patience with me!!

For fun here is something that every mother loves, the stage when your child is learning to spell and write.  Chloe’s journals that she brings home from school are priceless treasures to me, hopefully you will get a kick out of it too, I know Papa and DD will!!

ack I love it!

Note: we do not call the grandparents “Gramo and Grampo”…


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