Scott and I started a running program this week, that’s right running, me, the queen of hating to run.  We started the C5K program, or Couch to 5K.  It is designed to take the non-runner, aka couch potato, and get them running 5K or about 3 miles in 9 weeks.  I actually am very excited about the prospect.  Having been battling anemia most of my life, running was always torture.  Now my anemia is under control, and I am giving it a try.  Scott is to blame, or – er – uh, Thank.  He was thinking about starting a running program and I hopped on board.  We downloaded the C5K apps onto our iphones and were off!  Since we live right next to a nice bike trail it works out great.  The program itself is great because it eases you into running without killing yourself the first day and swearing never to endure such torture again, as I have done in the past.  The first week you walk to warm up, run for 60 seconds then walk for 90, alternating for 20 minutes, then walk to cool down.  You go out 3 times a week, and each week the amount you run increases until week 9 you are running the whole time for about 3 miles.  I am really excited about the prospect of being a “runner”.  I have been saying for ever that I need to start exercising, and now I finally am, and it feels great!  Scott and I are even looking around the area for some running events that maybe we will enter…

FYI here is a good website that outlines the program if you are interested: Cool Running


3 thoughts on “C5K

  1. Megan

    Sweet! I think next reunion we should have a porter run, with t-shirts. It would be swell!

    As someone who loves to run, I am sure missing it. I wish I could give that feeling to other people. I have gone out a few times since I have been feeling better, and yesterday a mere mile almost killed me- I was saddened! I’ll have a long way to come back after this little bebe!

  2. Jeni

    I did the couch to 5k program 1 year ago and it actually works terrific! I did my first 5k in the summer and am training for a half marathon this July. You’ll do excellent. I love that they take it slow at first to break us “non-runners” in. 🙂 Good luck!


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