little people

I had so much fun making these!  I found the idea on Nannygoat and fell in love with them.  I think they turned out so great.

I made 12 of them

I may have to make more though, my family is requesting small versions of themselves!

They are so reminiscent of the “little people” of my childhood- remember these?

ahhh the nostalgia!! – many many childhood hours playing with these…

We had a cool A frame house;

the airport;

the castle;

We had LOTS, and we played with them all the time, and the memory is such a good one.  Sighhhhh

I guess I am hoping that my little ones will have these new little people firmly planted in their childhood memories as well



5 thoughts on “little people

  1. Megan

    Are you kidding me? I LOVE these! but little details are always the ones that kill me, and this project looks FULL of them! I totally played with these little people growing up- probably everyday. You are amazing, as always Jeanie. these would go into my someday pile, but I’d never get up the gumption to make them! (maybe I should just come out to cali and make them with you, I’m much better when I have a partner when diving into projects!)

  2. Annalisa

    Awesome! I totally miss the original little people.

    I think with my boys…there will be alot of police, marines and firefighters to play with after making a few.

  3. Sherri Wiltbank

    I LOVE this post, probably because I have the same nostalgia for Little People. That A-Frame house is so cool! We never had that one – we had the yellow one, along with the airport, hospital, treehouse (LOVED that) and garage. One of our best Christmases ever was when my sister Mary and my Mom brought all of these out of storage and set them up in the Family Room for the big girls to play with – not the grandkids. I think our kids thought we were crazy (our husbands too) as we were oohing and aahing and playing forever with these memories. Thanks for adding yours!


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