a year of dates

Our anniversary in on January 1st.  I usually try to do something a little creative for Scott.  Last year I gave him 7 presents representing our 7 years together, which included a photo album to fill with new memories, a couple of goldfish, and a bunch of other things that I can’t seem to recall at this moment, Scott do you remember?  Anyway, this year I made him some embroidered pillowcases (here is one, the other is in the laundry..)

and I also gave him an envelope containing a “year of dates”.   One date per month all planned out.  At the beginning of each month he gets to open a new envelope and see what we are going to do that month.

Last month we went to the California Museam specifically to see an exibit “Out of this World” – costumes from science fiction/superhero type of movies.

There was lots of fun stuff to see, and after we stuffed our faces at la bou

I got the idea from My Mix of Six – great blog.  I ran my envelopes through the printer for each month, and used a different font on each because I am a font junkie.

I am planning on taking pictures at each date and compiling either a photo album or photo book at the end of the year.  I am guilty of having hundreds of pictures of the kids and very few of Scott and especially me, so hopefully this will help.

This month we are going out to dinner at a local restaurant that we have never tried before, should be fun!


2 thoughts on “a year of dates

  1. Shauna Thompson

    I LOVE your idea of taking pictures of each date and making a little photo book of them. I’m going to try and do it, although I don’t have a picture from January’s, uggghhh. I will have to just put a picture to represent it.

    Also, LOVE your fonts on the envelopes.

    And your pillowcases….

    I think I could just keep on going on and on ….

  2. annalisa

    oh, i think meg will be doing this one of these years for bobby…sounds like something she’d love to do.

    i bet you two will have fun. such a great idea to have dates without having to hem and hah about what to do. awesome!


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