little red hens

I taught the young women last Sunday as I do once every three months, and the lesson was on sharing work in the home.  In the lesson was the scripture:

D&C 42:42  “Thou shalt not be idle for he that is idle shall not eat the bread not wear the garment of the laborer.”

That of course is the moral of the story in the little red hen, so for part of the lesson I read them the story.  I read this version, it was a little bit different, and rhymed, it was really cute:

What was perfect was that I have been eyeing these little chicken pincushions to make for a while, so I made them for the girls to each have a little red hen to sit in their rooms to remind them to do their part in the household chores!  I was so excited!  They were easy and fun to make and turned out so cute!

I canged a bit from the pattern – I didn’t use felt for the feathers and beak but ribbon, and i just used one color fabric – since i wanted all red.  I loved how they turned out.  I made 15 in all, and only have 4 left – for Chloe and Molly to play with

Wait a minute, now there are only three, where did the fourth one go?

Molly has it!

Lets put it in the drawer for safe keeping

ooh – don’t think that is working for the hen Molly…

whew that’s better, we have free range chickens here thank you.


3 thoughts on “little red hens

  1. katie

    so, basically, you’re a superstar yw leader! the chickens are awesome, jean and those teenagers are lucky to have you.
    also, molly is really cute.. is there red in her hair??


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