candy land

“Who can take a sunrise
Sprinkle it in dew
Cover it in chocolate
and a miracle or two?”

“The candy (wo)man can cause she mixes it with love and makes the world taste good”

I am having fun making sweet treats for school valentines parties. -and for our own eating pleasure of course!

First up: oreo cookie pops

These are soooooooooo good.  Really – you need to make some.  I found the tutorial here on How Does She?
I first made these for Christmas.  The older kids gave them out to their friends and Chloe gave one of these to her teacher:

Her name is Mrs Ball so it said “B is for Ball” – cute huh?! – and she now uses the block for pencils and pens.

A few tips and tricks about these cookie pops;

1.  All oreos are not created equal.  Ug!  The first time I made these I used mint filling oreos and chocolate filling oreos – both fantastic.  Those oreos separated easier and didn’t break very much.  Also there seemed to be thicker filling to accommodate the stick better.  This time I used regular oreos, and EVERY SINGLE ONE broke.  It is ok because most of the time the chocolate holds it all together, so no stress if they break.  Just “glue” them with the chocolate -usually the chocolate you are putting in the inside to hold the stick will be enough to hold it together… You can’t even see the breaks when they are smothered in delicious chocolaty goodness

2. I like to use the longer sucker sticks – the 6 inch ones – they look great and are extra fun.  Rotate the stick back and forth to get it down into the filling easily.

3. The white chocolate ones, in my humble opinion, are the best.  Make sure to use good tasting melts.  (I love Guittard Melt n Molds)  ***if you happen to live near a Winco, in their bulk section you can get the melting wafer/disks  for a great price that are really good too.

Next on the dessert menu: Pretzel Button Candies

I actually posted about these last year, but could not for the life of me find the ring shaped pretzels.  I have made them a few times with the square grid ones.  But lo and behold my friend had to order some online, and had to order more than she could use, so she ever so thoughtfully gave me a bag! (insert halleluja chorus here)
et viola!:

how to

pretzels (rings of course are the best, but squares, or twists are do-able!)
m&m’s – colored to match your holiday or event (reeses pieces are great too)
hersheys kisses – most any kind, rolos are super good too
parchment lined baking sheets (important –use parchment!)

Heat oven to 225.  Place pretzels on baking sheet and put a kiss or rolo on each one.  Bake in oven for about 4 minutes until soft – but not all melted!  Some chocolates take longer depending – my hugs were quick and the rolos take a couple more minutes.  You may want to stick to one chocolate type per pan.  As soon as you pull the pan from the oven push a m&m into the center of each one (“m” print side down).  Make sure the chocolate spreads to the edges if you are using rings.   Let them cool and harden before storing in an airtight container.  YUM

Next I will show you how we used the cookie pops for Chloe’s Valentines – so fantastic!


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