how many flags?

Six Flags!

Chloe earned a free ticket to Six Flags for reading a bunch of hours, and also in celebration of Dillon’s 14th birthday this week we took the family to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  We got there half an hour after opening and stayed till closing (which was only 8:30).

We saw the Shouka show.  It was so amazing to me to see that huge whale!  Seriously, HOW do you train those things?

Jonah was actually quite good.  He’s getting to be quite a little traveler this summer!

How’d I get so lucky??

Some of the cousins earned tickets too!

check out these cuties:

it was so fun to take Molly on all the little rides, she Loved it

It was a good day



One thought on “how many flags?

  1. Jeni

    Beautiful pictures! What type of camera do you use? Are you guys headed down for the reunion this year. It would sure be fun to see you!


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