backyard movie night

We celebrated Dillon’s 14th birthday by having a backyard movie night.  We invited the family, had cake and ice cream and watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure on the side of the house while munching on 3 different kinds of popcorn from the “popcorn bar”.  It was SO fun!

here are some of the crazy cousins:

here is a really bad pic of the movie, but you get the idea…

last minute cake decorationg:

The cake was really good, i doctored up some mixes to make a choc/vanilla marble cake and made a basic chocolate frosting..

The best cake mix doctoring I have come across:

mix up the batter according to the directions, and in addition add:
1 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 cup sour cream
big dash of salt
1 TBS vanilla extract


During the movie Molly went in the house and came out a little later with sticky fingers… upon investigation I found this:

I am actually surprised it wasn’t much worse… she annihilated a cake I made a couple of weeks ago….

Here is what I did for the popcorn bar:

I made the popcorn cones for everyone, and bought scoops at the dollar tree for serving.  The cherry popcorn was the favorite, it was totally gone at the end of the night, but my favorite was the pb n chocolate!

All in all it was a hit and we can’t wait until our next backyard movie night!


One thought on “backyard movie night

  1. katie

    this looks so great and fun!! looks like the perfect fun birthday celebration. i hope Dillon had a great one!!
    xo, katie


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