Thought I would check in.  It has been a busy and crazy life since I last posted.  My life changes and I have to roll with it, or get run over by it!

We are back to the school schedule, but this year I have it easy with only one child in school.  Well, easy is a relative term, since having a 14 month old and a three year old home is anything but easy.  I have lost my two teenagers who have gone to live in Utah with their Dad. I am not happy about it but what can you do, I have learned to deal with it I guess. Like I said, roll with it or get run over…

I have enjoyed the summer, we made the most of it I think.  Summer is a time to go and have fun, to eat fresh grown fruits and vegs, and put aside my love of baking until the weather cools and I don’t have to worry about heating the whole house with the oven.  Everything in its season… right?

I have just been called as the Primary Chorister, and it is one of my all time favorite callings, so I am enjoying that.  Scott gets to have some bonding time with Jonah during the last two hours of church as a result, and they spend a lot of time in the halls.  Jonah is unfortunately super cranky by that time, as it is his normal nap time… yikes, good job Scott!, way to go honey!! Rah Rah RAH! (is the cheering you on helping??)

Chloe is in the fourth grade and really enjoying it so far.  At the moment she is also doing cross country after school – go CLO!

Here are a few pics from our summer:

Scott’s Birthday!

Butterfly garden at Six Flags


Jonah turns ONE!

Redwood hike in Oregon with cousins 🙂

more Oregon


secret beach on a cool foggy morning

love my man

kite flying on the beach in OR




Chloe starts the FOURTH grade!

Labor Day weekend in Bodega Bay. Catching the sun




Scott and I sunset on the beach – Bodega Bay





2 thoughts on “hi

  1. Jeni

    Love reading your posts cousin! I have to smile every time I see a picture of you. You look so much like our sweet Grandmother. You are both beautiful! Love ya lots! – Jeni


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