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halloween 2011

As is our annual Halloween tradition, we went trick or treating on Mai Street Placerville.

This year Scott was Captain Picard, (complete with phaser and tri-corder app!)  I was a spiderweb and Jonah was my spider, chloe was Athen, Dillon a robber, and Molly a butterfly!

Chloe looked sad there, but really she was just looking at her candy…. ūüôā

Here is Dillon’s awesome pumpkin;

Hope you had a fun Halloween too!


pumpkin time!

We try every year to get to Apple Hill and hit the pumpkin patch for our Halloween Jack-o-lantern needs!  So for FHE we loaded up (most) of the family and headed out.

Daddy grabbed his pumpkin,

and I had mine,

ha! I LOVE that picture! here is his normal face:

When we got home we finished the night off with roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on our little bonfire (are bonfires supposed to be big?, so is that an oxymoron? )

It was a perfect fall day and we had a great time!

busy bees

The past weeks have flown by.  Here is some of what we were up to:


A week in Oregon, staying in my sister and brother in law’s ocean front home – fantastic!!


Back just in time for Halloween:


Dill was a mad scientist, Chloe a ghost



Daddy’s little kitty




And a big event- Molly turned ONE!! (sad day for mom, my baby is growing too fast)


this is her awesome “cheeser” face, I love it


Her cake was banana with awesome cream cheese frosting,  decorated with chocolate butterflies.  It was really good



She sat in her high chair with a big slice in front of her, and I was waiting for the grand mess to ensue, but she only took a few pieces and made no mess!!¬† Unfortunately she wasn’t feeling quite normal, the next day she came down with croup!¬† That whole night she was REAL low-key, but at least she wasn’t miserable on her birthday, only for the next 7 days!…


super trooper!


Dillon, the only boy in a sea of sisters, turned 12!¬† Wierd.¬† I have designated him a super trooper because last week he underwent surgery for a hernia!¬† –¬† No not from lifting weights, but one that he has probably had his whole life, and just recently detected.¬† Good ‘ol turn your head and cough routine…


He was pretty nervous sitting there in the bed waiting- until they “gave him something to relax”.¬† He is recovering great and extremely happy that the doctor gave him a note to get out of PE for TWO WEEKS – score.